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Friday, July 1, 2011

Triple Bill Photo Shoot Reveals the Diversity of this Summer's Operatic Offerings

I had a great time at the photo shoot for the “Triple Bill” earlier this week, but I must admit it left me a little mixed up. You see, each show is under an hour, which calls for few characters and action-packed plots. It made sense that we would shoot photos of singers from all three shows—but when we had them all on the set together and interacting, it had me saying…"which show are they in again?”

The lead performers of the Triple Bill

Joanna Mongiardo as Thérèse
Norman Reinhardt as Rinuccio and Danny Belcher as Gianni Schicchi

Peabody Southwell and Sarah Tallman as Anna I and Anna II
In an effort to organize my thoughts, I made myself this Triple Bill fact sheet that I thought I’d share with you. It certainly helped me and got me excited to see the shows! There are two opportunities, July 9 and 30, to see all three operas in the same night. Tickets for individual one-acts start as low as $10! Come see one or all three. Several other evenings offer a double-bill of the one-acts. Check the calendar for additional information. Get your tickets online or by calling (303) 292-6700.


Giacomo Puccini

Performed in Italian with English Supertitles

Gianni Schicchi — Daniel Belcher
Lauretta — Joanna Mongiardo
Rinuccio — Norman Reinhardt
Zita — Peabody Southwell

QUICK PLOT: Schicchi becomes instantly wealthy and cunningly discovers a way for his daughter to marry the man of her dreams.


COMPOSER: Kurt Weill

LANGUAGE: Performed in German with English Supertitles

Anna I — Peabody Southwell
Anna II — Sarah Tallman
Tenor I — Norman Reinhardt
Baritone — Robert Gardner

QUICK PLOT: Anna, with her split personality (Anna I, the singer and Anna II, the dancer), travels through seven cities over seven years, experiencing a Biblical sin in each city along the way while trying to raise money for her family back home.

COMPOSER: Francis Poulenc

LANGUAGE: Performed in French with English Supertitles

Thérèse — Joanna Mongiardo
Le Mari — Daniel Belcher
General Directeur — Robert Gardner

QUICK PLOT: In this surreal opera, Thérèse is tired of being a submissive woman so her breasts turn into balloons and fly away. Her husband then has thousands of children while she tries to conquer the world.

All of the triple bill operas are directed by Ken Cazan and conducted by CCO Music Director John Baril. Be sure to include one, two, or three of these diverse operatic offerings in your summer plans. You won’t want to miss them!

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