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Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Francis Poulenc!

On this date in 1899, composer Francis Poulenc was born in Paris.

Through the wonders of YouTube, we are able to observe Poulenc himself, accompanying soprano Denise Duval for a 1959 concert version of the soprano aria from Les Mamelles de Tiresias (The Breasts of Tiresias). As a special treat, Poulenc "sings" at 4:45 into the video.

Join us this summer for The Breasts of Tiresias, the knight in shining armor tale that follows Amadigi and Dardano, who are both determined to win the hand of Princess Oriana. Challenged by the potions and power of a sorceress with the help of demonic spirits, true love prevails in the end. This one-act opera will be performed in a rotating double bill with Gianni Schicchi and The Seven Deadly Sins.