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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dynamic Dining Offerings at Central City’s Historic Teller House

Today, I had lunch with an acquaintance.
She didn’t say much, but she sure has a story…

Her name is Madeline…so the story goes. The Face on the Barroom Floor is a regular stop for tourists and opera patrons alike. Though unsigned, the painting is a mysterious treasure within the Teller House that is credited to Denver artist Herndon Davis. Inspired by Hugh Antoine D’Arcy’s poem The Face on the Barroom Floor, the painting remains a central component of Kevin Taylor’s The Face Bar.

Read the poem and more about the history of the famous “Face on the Barroom Floor.”
You too, can dine with the famous face during your time in Central City. Check out the menu for all of the delicious options. While there, be sure to take a good look at The Muses of Central City; eight murals painted on the walls of The Face Bar by Charles St. George Stanley in the late 1800s. Two more have since been added by Paschal Quackenbush, who restored the originals in 1932 when they were discovered under several layers of wallpaper. Even more interestingly, each of the murals was painted with a significant “distortion.” (Hint: The sixth mural from the right has two left feet!) Can you determine what the rest are? Find the answers here.

Also available for dining is the “modern mountain chophouse” Rouge, located upstairs in the Teller House. With lush décor and an outstanding menu, this is sure to please your appetite before the performance. Check out this recent article in The Deal about Kevin Taylor's dining offerings. Rouge is open for dinner and the Face Bar serves lunch and dinner. Call (303) 582-0600 for reservations.

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  1. Face in the floor of the bar is a regular stop for tourists and visitors alike Opera. Although unsigned, the painting is a mysterious treasure in the house ATM by as much credit to the artist Denver Herndon Davis.

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