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Friday, July 15, 2011

Another First for Central City Opera: CARMEN in Denver

Most people reasonably expect to have a number of their favorite items delivered to them these days: a pizza, a bouquet of flowers, even online purchases. For the first time, on Tuesday of this week, Central City Opera took “delivery” to a whole new level—by bringing Carmen to Denver. With months of planning and a day of rehearsal at the Comfort Dental Amphitheater (formerly Fiddler’s Green), a semi-staged version of Carmen came to life at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, just as some light showers conveniently ceased.
Above and Below: Photos from the midday rehearsal, courtesy of Karen Federing
The "Tooth" from Comfort Dental Amphitheatre
greets patrons, with his Carmen program in hand.
With about 3,000 in attendance, this unique venture offered an opportunity for Denver locals to have a taste of Central City Opera right in their own backyard. Some attendees with whom I spoke with had never been to Central City Opera before, others were “regulars,” eager to have a chance to see their favorite opera company from a new perspective. Regardless of their experience, conductor Timothy Myers made everyone feel welcome and excited about Carmen and its intriguing story. Limited dialogue and conversational commentary made for a fast-paced and entertaining evening.

CBS4 Denver aired a short promotional piece on the evening and Central City Opera’s other 2011 Festival offerings. Check out the video online.

Kirstin Chávez (Carmen) and conductor Timothy Myers during the Denver performance
The evening was unfortunately cut short due to unsafe weather conditions which developed quickly during the intermission. If you're waiting to see how Carmen ends, don’t despair! Carmen plays in repertory with Central City Opera’s four other productions: Amadigi di Gaula, Gianni Schicchi, The Seven Deadly Sins, and The Breasts of Tiresias through August 7th. Get your tickets online or by calling (303) 292-6700, as soon as possible. Several other Fringe Festival events are offered each week as well, with something to please every operatic palate.

All evening photos courtesy of Erin Joy Swank.

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