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Saturday, July 2, 2011

TODAY: The North American Premiere of AMADIGI DI GAULA

Georg Friedrich Händel, in his day, wrote over forty different operas. Back in 1715, Amadigi di Gaula premiered with a notably small cast and distinctly colorful score. A musical delight, Amadigi di Gaula is said at times to sound much like the famous “Water Music” which Händel composed for King George I a few years later.

Much like several of Händel’s Italian operas, after Händel’s death Amadigi di Gaula fell into neglect for several years. It was performed roughly twenty times from its premiere in 1715 through 1720, but not again until the 1930s. Today, Amadigi di Gaula makes its first-ever fully staged performance in North America on the intimate stage at Central City Opera. Accompanied by the Central City Opera Orchestra, this unusually vibrant score is sure to be an aural delight.

Countertenor Christopher Ainsle makes his North American debut with the opening of Amadigi di Gaula. Also, making his U.S. debut is British stage director Alessandro Talevi, who is known for his lively, visual approach. Baroque specialist Matthew Halls returns to Central City to conduct this “magic” opera.

Check out this trailer of the London-based artists of Central City Opera’s North American premiere of Amadigi di Gaula. Filmed by Blind Crow Pictures on-site at Georg Friedrich Händel’s London Home.

You can also check out our production photos online. For tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime premiere, call (303) 292-6700 or purchase online. You should also check out Presto!, our family-fun series of events related to Amadigi di Gaula this summer. 

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