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Sunday, June 26, 2011

AMADIGI DI GAULA Photo Shoot Highlights Director, Singer and Designer Collaboration

Arriving on the set of the Amadigi di Gaula photo shoot, scenic and costume designer Madeleine Boyd was already hard at work putting finishing details on the small corner of the set placed specifically for the photo shoot. With the arrival of the professional photographer, Kira Horvath, the session was underway.

Katherine Manley has her hair prepared for a blonde wig.

Katherine Manley, Christopher Ainsle and Kathleen Kim, before the shoot

The group works together to prepare the set for the shoot.

With the spotlights on Christopher Ainsle (Amadigi), Katherine Manley (Oriana) and Kathleen Kim (Melissa), the mood was light and friendly. Oftentimes, there would be breaks between the series of photographs for moments to laugh. Director Alessandro Talevi was fully engaged in the experience, making sure every interaction between the singers and the camera presented the look he desired. With finesse from the costume and wigs and makeup departments, everyone was intrigued by the story of Amadigi, the Renaissance–style costumes, and looking forward to the opening on July 2.

Wardrobe Head Emily Rosenberg assists Costume Designer Madeleine Boyd

Director Alessandro Talevi and photographer Kira Horvath
discuss a shooting angle.

Make sure you get your ticket to the North American Premiere of Händel’s Amadigi di Gaula, the knight in shining armor tale of Amadigi and Dardano, both determined to win the hand of Princess Oriana. The Central City Opera production is pleased to have Baroque specialist Matthew Halls returning to conduct this “magical” opera. Call (303) 292-6700 for tickets or purchase them online.

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