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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Behind-the-Scenes Photos of SHOW BOAT

Central City Opera Photographer Mark Kiryluk has been back stage at the Buell Theatre capturing the fun and excitement happening with the cast and crew of Show Boat. Enjoy a selection of some of our favorite shots from some memorable behind-the-scenes moments…
Wig/Makeup Designer Dave Bova prepares Julia Burrows (Magnolia) for curtain time. The hair/makeup/costume team has been working overtime hours and even brought in extra help these last few weeks. All hands on deck!
Gene Scheer (Cap'n Andy) looks out at the empty Buell before Opening Night. As a result of the size of the room, artists wear mics on stage for Show Boat.

Stage management team members Dana Stringer and Rachel Ginzberg plan the logistics of the show, along with the help of a CCO stagehand. During live scene changes, the stagehands come out dressed in full Show Boat era attire.

Troy Cook is transformed into Gaylord Ravenel, a riverside gambler on the Mississippi.

Members of the Guest African-American Chorus warm-up backstage.

CCO Director of Production Karen T. Federing oversees it all from the tech table during a dress rehearsal.

Denise Lute and Ellie Kaye pose with Jean Richards, who attends every CCO performance and has for years. She even rides the bus to Denver from Central City with the Young Artists! Assistant Director Kyle Lang looks on in the background.

A close up of the set, designed by James Youmans. The orchestra sits on stage and is a very integral and interactive part of the performance as a result. 

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