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Friday, May 31, 2013

Central City in May: In like a Lamb, out like a Lion

Editor's Note: Here's our first blog post for the 2013 Festival from Public Relations/Marketing Assistant Tyler Hypnarowski. You'll be seeing lots of blogs from Tyler "on the hill" over the next few months. 

You know the old expression about the month of March: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” In Central City, the month of May is just the opposite, and it has nothing to do with the weather. During the winter months, Central City is a relatively quiet town, although the casinos in town remain hopping. However, as May comes to an end, the dynamic of the old mining town changes a bit with the sudden influx of out-of-state license plates and a ton of new Wi-Fi accounts popping up in everyone’s network. That is not to say the city loses its small town charm or historic ambiance when the opera starts up, but it certainly gives it a new feel every summer.

The 14 interns are always the first to arrive in Central City, along with just a few other key staff members. This year, as in years past, we (the interns) spent the first week doing maintenance on and cleaning the organization’s properties, including company housing, Festival Hall, Williams Stables Theatre and even the Opera House itself. Couches were moved, windows were cleaned, floors were mopped, farmer tans were developed and team bonding flourished as we prepped for the arrival of the rest of the company artists and staff members.

The "O" Man helps Tyler Hypnarowski (Festival Staffer - Public Relations/Marketing Assistant) and Allison Taylor (House and Festival Services Manager) load furniture into the car from Williams Stables.
The "O" Man helps Jonathan Sanford (Festival Staffer - Assistant House Manager/Company Management Assistant) make key copies for all the historic properties.
Walking down Main Street in and out of the casinos and other local establishments has been like night and day from the time I arrived just over a week ago to the time I am writing this. There seems to be a bit more of a bustle now than there was during my first few days in Central. Sidewalks are more crowded, with company members eager to explore what will be their home for the summer. I have seen company members jogging up the Eureka Street hill, enjoying local brews at Dostal Alley, playing basketball behind Festival Hall, and packing the Foundry to get a head start on their rehearsals; all signs that Central City Opera’s 2013 Festival is soon to be under way!

The city is beginning to take on its summer look. The aforementioned surge of colorful and diverse license plates is one telltale sign, including tags from New York, Missouri, Virginia, Texas, and Minnesota, among others. Of course, Central City has always been a tourist hot spot, attracting travelers from all over to check out the mountain scenery and rich history. But there is no doubt that the Festival season brings in an additional element of visitors and part-time residents to the area.
A small sampling of the new license plates appearing around town
Now as the month of May turns to June with Main Street events and the Central City Opera Festival opening on June 29, hear the “lion” roar!

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  1. I recognize that Virginia plate! Interesting blog.