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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From the Pit: An Opera Company's "Unsung Heroes"

Sarah Richardson, who plays the viola, sent us this vlog (video blog) about the time she and her fellow musicians spend underneath the Central City Opera stage as members of the Central City Opera Orchestra. I've mentioned in a previous blog post how much I enjoy watching the Orchestra from the balcony. This collection of photos, videos and commentary gives you an insider's view from below as well!

Check out more from our violist on her blog, Beyond Do Re Mi. What do some musicians do when there are a lot of opera performances and not much time to drive back down to the Denver area in between them? According to one blog article, Sarah occasionally spends time at a nearby campground recharging her artistic soul enjoying nature and journaling. We actually have quite a few patrons who go camping while visiting the opera each summer, too. You may have been camping beside one of our orchestra members and not even realized it!


  1. Thank you Erin! I appreciate your post and love the way you incorporated my vlog into your article.

  2. And thank YOU for the inside peek!