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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Peek at the Costumes of ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD

"Sara Jean Tosetti's spectacular costumes...manage to seem both historical and contemporary, with a showy, masquerade-ball sensibility."
- Kyle MacMillan, Denver Post

Today we’re sharing with you some of these bright, festive costumes from this year’s production of Orpheus in the Underworld.

As Marc Astafan describes the show in his Director’s Notes:

“It's about a married couple who are sick of each other and looking for adventure. They go to the Greek Gods for help and find out that the gods are just as frustrated with their perfect lives on Mount Olympus and all flee to Hades for fun and frolic. Each scene has its own distinct color scheme: Scene One on Earth in natural tones of green and yellow, Scene Two on Mount Olympus in celestial gold and silvers and white and blue, Pluto's Boudoir in Act II in sexy purple and gold, and the finale, featuring the "Can-can," in dazzling pinks, reds and black!”

So, first we’ll take a look at Sara Jean Tosetti’s original design sketches for the disgruntled married characters of Orpheus and Eurydice:

You can see those bright greens and golds stayed true to form in this production photo of Orpheus (Edward Mout) and Eurydice (Joanna Mongiardo).

When we asked our Facebook users for some of their favorite moments this year, “Tom” mentioned the memorable part when Jupiter disguises himself as a fly. First we’ll look at the fun costume sketch of his outfit:

And now we see how the design was fully realized in our production:

Pictured: Joanna Mongiardo (Eurydice) and Matthew Worth (Jupiter).

You’ll have to come see the show to see how the back of Jupiter’s costume turned out!

Now let’s take a look at Hades, where all the fun is. Eurydice is sketched in that dazzling pink, while one of the “Can-can” girls…well, she’s got some pink too!

And now for the real excitement of seeing it all on stage:

The "Can-can" from Central City Opera’s ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD(2010). Pictured: Joannna Mongiardo (Eurydice) and citizens of the Underworld.

Don’t you want to join in the party? Come up and see Orpheus in the Underworld this weekend!

Pictured (Above Center) Joannna Mongiardo (Eurydice) and (Below Center) Ryan MacPherson (Pluto) surrounded by citizens of the Underworld.

All production photos taken by Mark Kiryluk. All sketches by Sara Jean Tosetti, Costume Designer.

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